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Satta Bazar is located in the Andaman Sea and is a tourist attraction in the Andamans. The name data bazar comes from the Sanskrit origin words: sattva, satta king 786 and punya. It is one of the famous places of interest in the Andamans, which has been visited by countless tourists, backpackers, nature lovers and holiday makers. Satta Bazar can be easily visited through the in-bound flights from Delhi to Andaman and through the out-bound cruises from Port Blair to Satta.

Satta Bazar is situated on Andaman’s golden beach, which faces the Gulf of Sattay and is surrounded by peninsular islands. There are many small but nice eateries located near the bazaar, serving seafood & continental meals like Paratha, samosa, sambhar, rasam and macho. Those who want to shop while they roam about the bazaar can take help of the tillers and shopping carts. Those looking to purchase a gift can sift through the gift shops and fruit markets that are found near the bazaar. Satta Bazar also offers some of the best handicrafts and stone & souvenir stores in the region.

Satta Bazar attracts tourists from all over the world because it has an exotic & picturesque view of the bay. Satta has a wide range of accommodation options ranging from hotels to resorts to guest houses and budget accommodations. Those who visit Satta Bazar mostly come here for the excellent seafood delicacies and delectable Andamanian food. In fact, it has become such a well-known tourism hot spot in the Andamans that it has earned the rank of a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its exquisite natural and geographical features.

The most important aspect of Satta Bazaar is its wide array of fresh seafood restaurants, seafood eateries, & seafood delicacies. There are two kinds of restaurants in the bazaar namely the open air bazaar & the covered bazaar. Open Air Bazaar is open from Sunday to Thursday and the covered bazaar remains open all the time during the summer months. The prices in the open air market are slightly higher than in the covered bazaar. But one can always get good quality food here at affordable prices.

The Satta don Bakery is the first and foremost food centre in the bazaar; it has twenty varieties of breads, dried fruits, chocolates, dried meat, fish & chips, snacks & sweets, & locally made tea. It serves mouthwatering snacks like banana chips, sesame seeds, & pickles. One can also have a wonderful variety of delicious vegetarian food to quench his appetite at Satta.

The Market is the hub of activity during the day and Satta Bazar is also the heart of shopping in Port Blair. Tourists from all across India throng to Port Blair during the weekdays to shop. It is also known as the ‘Cradle of Shopping’, since every shop sells unique & rare products. Some of the popular shops in the bazaar include Anjir Rolls, Anjir Ghi, Sarafina, Hanuman Store, Sarafina Store, Paratha Store, & Anjir Store.

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